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Meet Emma Barrall

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Emma Barrall is from Houston, TX but will be moving to LA in the fall of 2020 to attend UCLA with a major in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. She started dancing at a young age at West University Dance Centre and took her training more seriously in high school—joining 713 Dance Ensemble and participating in YAGP as well as many other competitions and performances. Emma has most appreciated the grit and determination gained from dance and their application to her IB studies and hopefully future endeavors. She hopes to continue dancing through college with a minor or club!

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Up-close and personal with Emma...

Corsu: How have you been able to manage all your dance classes, company rehearsals and performances, all while attending an IB school?

Emma: I have found time management and focus to be my most important tools. When I'm dancing my head is fully there and the same principle goes for school. At times I've felt really overwhelmed, but my dancing and educational goals motivated me not to give up. Sleep was often the first thing to go!

Corsu: What is your school ranking? Is that important to you and why?

Emma: My school ranking is 4 out of 717. Honestly, the number wasn't super important to me; I was more proud of the rigor of coursework I was able to master!

Corsu: How did dance help you with your IB studies?

Emma: I always say that dance, especially ballet, taught me to appreciate and even crave challenge. I found this same appreciation in the sciences: my main focus in IB as well as my major and future career.

Corsu: You almost never missed a dance class while attending a rigorous IB program. What motivates you to manage both?

Emma: I really loved going to class and once something becomes part of my routine I can't skip it. Again, I just had to manage my time and prioritize things that really mattered to me (sleep often lost in that battle).

Corsu: What made you choose UCLA?

Emma: I chose UCLA because they have great resources for STEM, a really diverse student body, and I love LA!

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