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Corsu Patent-Pending Tights

Corsu is proud to unveil our revolutionary patent-pending tights, Corus Elite and Corsu Advanced. The Corsu Elite style is perfectly designed to give every female dancer the ultimate peace-of-mind experience. Our ultimate goal was to finally invent a pair of tights by a female dancer for a female dancer, taking into considerations certain needs that can only be understood and experienced by an ex-ballerina and teacher. These tights completely cover your “private parts” and replaces the need for that second layer over the tights, such as trunks, that always comes out from under tutus. Among its many amazing features is our flattering leak-resistant built-in G-String underwear that can save you from embarrassing moments. Additional features include our trifecta material that is ultra-soft, ultra-stretch, and ultra-durable, redesigned ultra-comfortable waistband, rear lifting seam, compression-like weave, flat comfortable seams throughout, and two perfectly designed articulation foot holes, one under the ball of the feet and one at the heel, for perfect traction allowing greater articulation of the feet. The Elite Tights, or the Advanced Tights that encompass every feature mentioned except the built-in underwear, should be a staple in every dancer’s wardrobe and is perfect for your daily class, rehearsals, and performances.
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