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  • National Hispanic Heritage Month

    Sep 15 2020

    Today marks the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month.To honor our heritage, we are going back in time when the Corsu sisters lived o...

  • Connecting With Corsu

    Jul 01 2019

    If it’s one thing we are all realizing now, more than ever, is just how much we are all inter-related and inter-woven with one another.  ...

  • Corsu Strong

    Jan 01 2019

    We recognize that this pandemic has hit everyone like a ton of bricks, building a brick wall that may seem insurmountable at times. For u...

  • Corsu Tights Manufacturing

    Nov 01 2018

    Ever wonder how tights are made? At Corsu, they are made with a tremendous amount of ingenuity, love and attention...and with a little h...